What is India DeepTech?

India DeepTech is a pan-industry alliance to promote deeptech startups in India. It brings together all elements of the ecosystem in India under one roof with the objective to enable creation and scaling of more startups focused on scientific research and engineering innovation. 

This alliance is formed by India’s leading deeptech startups, incubators and venture capital funds which are involved in working with such startups. Its supporting organizations consist of leaders in the industry, namely Flutura, GDC-IITM, Chiratae Ventures, Blume Ventures, SINE, WRVI Capital, Axilor, UTEC, etc. (see below)

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Accelerator Cohort Member

We are proud to announce applications for our Second Cohort of India DeepTech Accelerator Program. Please head over to this link to apply. India DeepTech Accelerator program is no-equity no-grant program intended for deeptech startups in India to access top corporates, mentors and investors. The target startups are the ones who have a product ready to be adopted by customers or those who are looking to hit the market in the next 6-12 months. Learn more about India DeepTech Accelerator’s first cohort and the participants here.

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Institutional Member 

IndiaDeepTech welcomes contributions in cash and kind from all kinds of institutions which have a stake in building a deeptech ecosystem in India. Members will be expected to contribute in terms of both time and money to keep the activities running smoothly. IDT has members who are startups, Venture Capital funds, Incubators or Accelerators and Corporates. Industry associations and government departments are also welcome to actively participate.

Please write to info@indiadeeptech.com in case this interests you. 


The best ecosystems are built by having enthusiastic participation from the community of entrepreneurs. Joining this community will give you the benefit of connecting with the smartest technology minds of India, engaging with ecosystem players like investors and incubators and having a platform to build your own portfolio of work. All of this while making a difference and making this world a better place.  We are looking for deeptech entrepreneurs who are interested in solving their own problems by joining hands under the umbrella of India DeepTech. We also welcome others from the industry who have exceptional track record of helping the startup ecosystem grow via contributing to STEM R&D or startup communities or are part of the media industry.

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