AVG VPN Netflix Review

Avg vpn netflix

AVG Secure VPN is owned by security giant Avast and provides a range of features that allow you to navigate the Internet privately. It is available for Apple, Windows and Android devices, and uses 256 bit AES encryption to protect your data. The program comes with a straightforward interface and comes with a range of useful features, like the ability to set your home wi fi networks as personal or reliable and allow local device access. It even shows the latency of each server and lets you choose the one that is the fastest for your region.

The servers of AVG are not as big as those of its competitors however, and in our tests the Netflix servers were not speedy enough to prevent IP blocking by the video streaming service. It has a decent price structure, and a thirty day money-back guarantee.

AVG’s log policies are another aspect to take into consideration before selecting VPN for Netflix. AVG gathers a large amount of account details, including telephone numbers and email addresses, SIM card data, and location information. AVG stores this information on its servers and is able to share it with law enforcement agencies if necessary.

The AVG app has a basic interface with an on/off slider in the center of the screen. It also has two tiles that display your current location as well as your VPN connection. It’s easy to alter your settings. However, macOS may require that you click a menu app in order to access the settings of the application.


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