Board Meeting Tools

Board meeting tools are designed to facilitate the scheduling, execution, and follow-up of meetings. They can also aid in creating collaboration even in remote settings, which can help to meet the ever-changing requirements of revenue operations and allow boards to make quick strategic decisions and take action.

The ability to control and manage access to meeting materials is a crucial element of any tool to manage boards. Board meeting software allows you to share documents, such as committee reports, factsheets, HR reports and financial reports. It also lets you use external file-sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. During meetings, participants can access the documents shared and make comments on them via a chat interface while discussing agenda items or motions using special discussion tiles.

Managing and controlling access to meetings and their minutes is another key feature of a board portal. Automatically generating meeting minutes, and sharing them with the entire audience prior to the meeting allows you to ensure that no crucial decisions are missed during the meeting. Meetings are recorded digitally, and members of the board have access to the minutes via the web interface.

Other features of the board meeting software include the ability to monitor attendance and create a minutes draft using Gabii AI, the ability to engage with directors via chat during meetings and the capability to add electronic signatures to meeting minutes, decision documents, and other documents. Prioritizing features is the key to choosing the best software for your boardroom.

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