Cohort 1 – 2021

Industry wide DeepTech Accelerator helped the following 9 startups to come together.
Start date: 4 Mar 2021, Demo Day: 16 April, 2021

CynLr (Cybernetics Laboratory)


CynLr is building a machine vision platform with a hardware and software combination that enables industrial robotic arms to learn to autonomously see and manipulate any object even from clutter.

Nikhil Ramaswamy, Gokul N A #Robotics

Avisa Myko (Avisa Myko Inc ( Incorporated in US ) /Avisa Biotech Pvt ltd)

San Francisco and Bionest RGCB Kochi , India  

Avisa Myko is the world’s first commercial melanin company that is focused on manufacturing water soluble, affordable melanin and putting it to use in a wide range of applications that benefit human health and environment.

Ravi Adgulwar , Sheshgiri Raghukumar #Biotechnology # LifeSciences

Jeevtronics (Jeevtronics Pvt Ltd)


Jeevtronics has developed the world’s first dual powered bi-phasic defibrillator which works even in geographic areas without electricity which has saved many lives across India and Africa.        

Aniruddha Atre, Ashish Gawade    #HealthTech  #MedicalDevices

30M Genomics Private Limited


30M Genomics is building towards providing affordable and accessible molecular diagnostics for all by working on point-of-care genetic diagnostics that provide personalized medicine and prenatal genetic testing.                   

 Benet Bosco Dhas D, Sasikanta Nagapavani Davuluri, Yaswanth Reddy K #Biotechnology #LifeSciences

Spherical Defense

Spherical Defense offers an alternative approach to WAFs and first generation API security tools that protect APIs from malicious attacks and misuse in real time with unsupervised deep learning.              

Dishant Shah, Jack Hopkins #London  #HealthTech

HaystackAnalytics Pvt Ltd


Haystack Analytics is developing a genomic analysis deploy-ready software that enables clinical decision-making through affordable, culture-free, comprehensive and fast clinical genomics.

Dr. Anirvan Chatterjee, Mr. Gaurav Srivastava, Prof. Kiran Kondabagil #HealthTech #MedicalDevices

Mowito (Mowito Robotic Systems Pvt. Ltd.)


Mowito is a provider of navigation software tools for mobile robots, to enable them to navigate intelligently in indoor facilities.       

Puru Rastogi, Adityanag Nagesh #Robotics

Trunome (Acrannolife Genomics Pvt Ltd)

Chennai, Hyderabad (CCMB)

Trunome is a clinical genomics company that is using circulating DNA based technology to develop a platform of solutions that address chronic diseases.

Agragesh, Avinash #Biotechnology #LifeSciences


New Delhi

Cypherock X1 is World’s first hardware wallet that allows users to securely store Blockchain private keys without a single point of failure using 3 layers of security.                     

Rohan Agarwal, Vipul Saini #Cryptocurrency #Cybersecurity #Hardware #Cryptography