Does Nokia Lumia hold up in 2022 at all? Windows Phone throwback!

If they gained something from it, It would have made sense…they haven’t. If Nokia’s device division had remained with them, chances are they’d have abandoned Windows Phone, killing the platform in the process. The way I see it, Microsoft’s acquistion Outstaffing and Outsourcing: Difference, Principles, and Main Aims of Nokia was mainly an acquisition of time. If MS had converted to OneCore and UWP back in WP7 time, WP would be in a lot better shape. Personally, I try to avoid non-UWP apps if all possible after I started using L950XL and Continuum.

Makes me wonder how many are thinking the same and what the percentage might be like by the end of 2017. Unless you are going to give a history lesson, there is nothing to say about windows phone or the platform. I had 3 Sony-Ericsson phones back in the day that ran UIQ and I loved them. I had the P800, P900, and P990 before eventually jumping to Android on a G1.

On October 29, 2012, Microsoft released Windows Phone 8, a new generation of the operating system. Windows Phone 8 replaced its previously Windows CE-based architecture with one based on the Windows NT kernel with many components shared with Windows 8. Windows 8.1 on both desktop and mobile was the best for touch devices.

  • These updates were first labeled “General Distribution releases” , but were later rebranded simply as “Updates”.
  • I appreciate the stats but your post is a straw dog argument.
  • My local tennis club has just upgraded a whole load of TV’s in the clubhouse to Samsung’s.
  • Microsoft needed to build a base, then apps come.

Myerson was quoted as saying, “I can trust her with what she tells me. She uses that same direct and genuine communication to motivate her team.” Of smartphones offers respectable devices—I bought one—but they come too late in a world dominated by Android and iOS products. I have lost mine, but still loving windows phone. The screen size seems to be perfect for the Windows’s Phone Metro interface which sports a big layout that is screaming for your hands to come closer and touch it. The phone comes with a polycarbonate casing plus some very durable bumpers that will protect it in case of some accident. It has a camera of 8 megapixels which offers 720p of resolution.

Windows ‘phone’ isn’t dead Part I: Keeping the vision in view

Microsoft actually did market WP7 quite hard. The ads were everywhere and they spent half a billion dollars on marketing. They just failed to realize who they needed to be marketing towards, who they were selling Windows Phone to, and it was not consumers.

will windows phone survive

I tried three hotspots in two different locations – no internet. So maybe the Marketplace just couldn’t update properly. The Google homepage briefly opened a few times, and that was all the web browsing I managed to get out of this phone in 2022.

Windows Central Newsletter

DLNA streaming and stereoscopic 3D are also supported. From the beginning of Windows Phone until at least 2015, Joe Belfiore was the head of development and the face of the platform’s initiatives. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title.

And those have been around for over a decade, still kickin’ today. The Windows 10 for Mobile experience is not going away and it’s an important part of the entire Windows 10 strategy. I’m extremely excited about the prospect of building and using apps that deliver Best Way to Learn CSS for Beginners A Full Guide a consistent experience across my devices, no matter what I prefer to use at any given moment. This is now possible with roaming data; to store smaller amounts of data per app , and OneDrive; to allow both collaboration and seamless efficiency across devices.

Sometimes companies amplify each other’s strength. I’m hoping for a passport size folding device. Small enough to pocket, large enough to be useful beyond just a phone. Three Different Types of Enterprise Systems Chron com I’d buy a blackberry passport right now if it had Android on it. The design of the x30, x40, and x50 series of Windows Phone devices have been artisanal diarrhea.

I don’t follow crowds, but instead use what works for me. Who really cares if there is no apps that you need every day! The app world assumes you have an iPhone or Android. Too many times I’ve been stuck trying to manipulate a mobile-browser version of a service.

Windows Phone’s timeless UI holds up even today

Easy to use looks great and imo the 950xl camera is still r best on the market. This strike in the mobile war, I believe – (along with much-needed ecosystem investments) – will be Microsoft’s segue to the ultramobile Surface, or the realization of the “Windows-on-phone” vision. Will Redmond incorporate inking, mixed-reality and other Microsoft innovations on this ultramobile Surface?

will windows phone survive

It gives Google what may be the world’s foremost manufacturer of Android devices, and makes it much less likely that Motorola will ever make Windows Phone 7 smartphones and tablets. Microsoft’s developer initiative programs and marketing have gained attention from application developers. As of Q3 2013, an average of 21% of mobile developers use the Windows Phone platform, with another 35% stating they are interested in adopting it. Some reports have indicated that developers may be less interested in developing for Windows Phone because of lower ad revenue when compared to competing platforms. The main criticism of Windows Phone was the lack of applications when compared to iOS and Android.

Samsung’s fourth quarter profit dips from poor chip and smartphone sales

By extension it is inevitable that that will eventually also translate to the Windows phone platform in a high quality, feature rich, and, to me anyway, more interesting, beautiful and flexible manner as well. I think the “problem” is / was the massive development needed for the “one core”. Thats the reason why the development of windows mobile was so slow in the past… The foundation was simply not ready and most of the resources where bound to “one core”. With Redstone MS will finish one core and then they will redirect more resources to windows mobile development. The long term vision of having a phone that is my “only” computer is great and it is a real usp of windows.


Apple, as a reinvigorated premium brand, locked up the premium market. Google allowed handset manufacturers to make their own devices, and,customize themto their heart’s content. Windows mobile will have been a different story. Microsoft had a decades long track record of providing an operating system that allowed generic computer companies to make more-or-less the same hardware, but, not to customize the operating system in any meaningful way. Why would hardware manufacturers allow Microsoft to control what they do with their hardware?

Live tiles and resizable tiles and greater customization. I don’t want to imagine having a screen like Apple or Android. I’m the same, only app I might need this year is a home security app. Windows Phone 7.5, with the 500 additional features Microsoft brought to the OS, and the HTC Titan eventually won me over to Microsoft’s latest OS. I chose it over the Samsung Galaxy Note and was quite pleased with my choice. The Pocket PC moniker continued with Pocket PC 2002 until Windows Mobile 2003 which was succeeded by Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

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