Get the Most Out of Your Antivirus Replacement Solution

Although antivirus has its place in the realm of cyber security, many experts believe that it’s not the sole solution to protect against hacking and other cyber-related threats. To maximize the effectiveness of your cybersecurity system you should consider including an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that works in conjunction with your antivirus to build a multi-layered security strategy.

EDR solutions, like Cortex XDR and CrowdStrike, assist organizations to create a comprehensive defense by providing centralized visibility across their digital perimeters. They also provide a fast response to malware attacks and other threats. Compared to EPP which is focused on preventing security breaches, EDR provides greater visibility into the activities on your network.

EDR solutions use advanced detection techniques like behavioral analysis and machine learning. This differs from antivirus programs that rely on signatures or other elements to detect viruses. This allows them to better comprehend what malware is doing and how it could affect your business operations. They also recognize new forms of malware that traditional antivirus programs may not be able to recognize.

Josh Brunty has spent over a decade in cybersecurity -first as a cyber forensics analyst for the West Virginia State Police, then as a professor of computer security at Marshall University. He wasn’t aware of the message that’s become apparent to many working in the field that it’s no longer necessary for computers to pay for antivirus security.

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