Software For Private Equity Deals

The right software stack can streamline operations, improves decision-making and creates a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This article explores top software for private equity, including tools and CRMs that aid firms in order to increase the quantity and quality of their investment opportunities.

Relationship Intelligence For PE Deal Teams

The world of private equity is a vast web of relationships and constant social networking, in person as well as on platforms like LinkedIn. These networks of relationships can be a challenge to manage, and even harder to leverage, especially for smaller funds who lack the budgets or expertise of their larger counterparts. This is the reason it’s becoming more and more common for private equity teams to turn to CRMs — though they’re not all created equal. Many CRMs aren’t made for the specific relationship management, sourcing and pipeline tracking processes that underpin PE deals. They do not have the sophisticated features and custom reporting that is required for PE-specific usage case, and they can create confusion and data silos when they are utilized by teams that do not have the right tools to use them.

Despite this, leading PE companies like Thoma Bravo and Vista have discovered that utilizing CRMs helps them quickly assess and prioritize deal opportunities. A new type of CRM that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) advanced automation, and other features helps users spend less time entering data and more time building relationships.

One example is 4Degrees, an online CRM that comes with a large portion of the feature set that are required by a CRM designed specifically for PE such as automated data capture enhancement of profiles, efficient pipeline management, and real-time analytics and reports. The CRM Navatar is an old-fashioned one built on Salesforce. It comes with a limited feature set but it is still able to meet PE funds such as relationship, sourcing and pipeline management requirements.

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