The Importance of a Tech Audit

It’s likely that as an auditor you’ll at some point be asked to perform an audit of technology. While it may seem like another task added to the to-do list, a technology audit is a critical step to ensure your clients are in good working order and aligning with business goals.

Tech audits can come in a variety of formats. They can be a holistic review of all the technologies a business uses and could also concentrate on particular areas of concern. Tech audits are a process that involves documenting and evaluating the requirements effectiveness, effectiveness, and value of every technology used. This can be a daunting task, particularly for large organizations with dozens of different applications.

An audit of technology can be used to determine if an organization is adhering to industry guidelines and regulations or if it is profiting from any opportunities to save money. It can also ensure that employees receive instruction on the safe and correct use of technology within the business.

While the poor cyber hygiene of the American public is a concern for all but it’s a bigger problem for companies. They have to ensure that their systems are updated to prevent data breaches, save money and provide the best customer experience possible. Regularly conducting a tech audit could be essential to stay competitive and avoiding costly failures. It can mean the difference between a business in the top position and one struggling to stay in business.

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